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For quick camper maintenance you can wait in our comfortable lounge, in complete relaxation. You can take advantage of the wi-fi, choose new travel destinations or consider buying accessories for life en plein air.

You can also enjoy the Tuscan landscape by taking a walk in the open air around the workshop. Our staff will be happy to give you helpful travel tips for your next vacation.

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Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 12:30 pm | 2:30 pm - 6:30 pm
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"I bought a Laika Kosmo van. I had various options fitted, I was very satisfied. Francesco is an attentive, serious person who is able to advise well those who want to technologically customize their camper.

Thank you for everything."

Alberto Costa

"During our trip we had problems with the electricity in our camper and Metacamper helped us with the best service. Thank you from a Danish family."

Lise Ludvig

"Good morning, we are satisfied owners of a Laika Kreos 8009 and for interior restoration work we turned to the new Metacamper workshop, exposing to Francesco the work to be done then carried out by the staff with professionalism and attention to detail."

Stefano Ferrarese

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The installation of the second battery in the motorhome is used to lengthen the electric range in the cell. It is very useful especially for those who prefer free camping with the motorhome and should be mounted with an automatic battery separator paralleler.

It is always worthwhile to have an infiltration coupon once a year. We inspect each critical point with a state-of-the-art professional hygrometer so that we can intervene, if necessary, with a restoration or repair. A camper or caravan coupon will also secure your wallet!

It is always a good idea, and is really advisable in older vehicles. Checking the expiration date of hoses and having the system checked periodically are attentions that allow you to travel safely. Taking prompt action on the most vulnerable parts, such as the gas hoses, means keeping the system safe; we issue a certification of a compliant system.

Installing a parking sensor and rear camera kit for motorhomes with substantial measurements makes maneuvering much easier, especially if you have mounted a bike rack or motorcycle carrier. It is in any case very useful, since in motorhomes you cannot rely on the center rearview mirror.

It is not mandatory: the air conditioner is powered by 220v electricity and can be turned on when the motorhome is connected to an electrical supply post. Mounting the inverter in the motorhome allows you to be able to use the air conditioner while on the road and cool the airframe, which benefits travel comfort. The inverter converts the current from the service battery into 220v current, so in this case, you should avoid using the air conditioner unless you are actually on the road.